A Walk Down Brick Lane..

Leather Gillet-
Levi Jeans made into shorts
Dr.Martens- Ebay

John Lennon top- Tophsop
Bag- Spain
Necklace- Dreamcatcher from Spain

I loved walking around Brick Lane as everyone has such fantastic style. In my area a lot of people don't really appreciate fashion the way i do, so  i love hanging out around there. I'll prob be taking a lot of pictures of street style in future posts so watch out :D
Taylor xoxo

It's Oh So Vintage babyy..

Hey Everyone, hope everyone's having having an awesome day!
So today i went out with the girls down to Brick Lane! And omg all the vintage shops were soo amazing. i wanted to buy everything i saw..literally. Brick Lane just never dissapoints. Anyway today i bought a few new things which i absolutely LOVE! i am so excited to wear them!
 OMG i am so much in LOVE with this vintage jacket!! I saw it and knew i had to get it. AND it was only £21. I was so shocked and i couldnt believe my eyes it so i had to ask if it actually correct!! haha. I am soo excited to wear it. Ahh defo the best item in my wardobe now :)

 This is a scarf i bought from "The Vintage Store" for £3. i thought this would give a really nice touch to some of my outfits. Either wear it as a scarf or as a head scarf to complete a look.

 I've wanted a sleevless checked shirt for too long now. And then i saw loads all at once!! I really liked the colours of this one in particular and bought it for £12 :D I really love this as it's so casual and effortless yet really trendy and cool :D

 Me wearing my new jacket.. :D

 This is a dream catcher i bought from Spain. I didnt know what to do with so it was either making it into earrings or a necklace. I thought them as earrings might be a bit much so necklace it is xD

 This are a new pair of denim shorts i made from my brothers levi jeans. They're a bit baggy but i suppose thats how i like them :) I put a couple of rips in them to add the finishing touches and give a more laid back approach :)

I actually couldnt be happier with my purchases!! This will do me till...well next weekend when i would want to go back and buy MORE!!
You'll probably find me at Brick Lane every weekend now. haha :D
Taylor xoxo


Back to Reality..

Hey Bloggers!!
Sorry i haven't been posting recently. I went on holiday to Spain for a long week and then come back to a load of college work :( But i've finsihed all coursework now so i'm free!! Couldnt be happier. i've missed blogging soo much!
My holiday in Spain was a lovely break away from reality. I was able to just relax and enjoy the sun and FUN and the Spanish Lifestyle..BLISS! It was nice to see all my friends again out in Spain! I hardly took any pictures this holiday sorry guys!! I know it's soo unlike me. I hate the feeling of not being able to look back at great memories :( I think it was partly the fact that my SLR camera didnt fit into my evening bag most nights haha. Here are some pictures of a couple outfits i wore.

 Outfit: Lace top- Topshop. Leather Shorts- Topshop. Blazer- New Look. Heels- Zara

Outfit: Floral Jumpuit- Camden Market. Blouse/Cardi- Primark. Heels- Zara. Leather Satchel- Spain.

I wish i could rewind these last couple of weeks and go back to Spain... : (
Taylor xoxo


Broken Record.

 These are a couple more photo's of my outfit i wore for my friend's photoshoot. The little blouse cardigarn is from Primark. It's really light and perfect to wear for warm weather. I really love the colours of this outfit, it emphasizes the summer feeling :D

This is a new crochet top that i got from H&M. I LOVE it so much. I can picture myself wearing it just casually on the beach over a bikini :D Here i teamed it with a black bra and denim shorts and belt. I really love the layered look of having black under white. It reminds me of miley cyrus's great individual style, so casual and effortless. These shorts were originally jeans which i just cut up. I love it when the shorts start to fray and when the pockets show, gives it a proper laid back approach :D #
Taylor xoxo


Fields of gold

This is a photoshoot i done for my friend. I don't really like the pictures but i thought i'd just put them on to show my outfit. I absolutely LOVE my friends bike! It's soo beautiful i wanted to ride around on it forever!! It would be so cool to have one like this for summer.
Playsuit: Primark
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Zara


Step by step: how to make a Fringed Top

 I've seen a lot of fringed tops around lately but instead of buying one i thought i'd show you how to transform an old top into a fringed top :D (hehe my Taylor Swift album in the corner) XD
 First get your scissors and cut strips all along the bottom of the top. The width and lenght is totally up to you of how much you want to cut it.
 Continue all along...
 When you've finished pull each strand tight...
 This should be the end result.
 To change it up a bit you could tie strands together into knots...
 Or just tie knots in each strand individually.
This is what it should look like. Play around with it by adding holes to create a rocky, edgey look :D
Hope you enjoy :)
Taylor xoxo

Swan Lake On Ice

Yesterday I went to see Swan Lake on Ice with my Mum. It was actually amazingly magical. It was unbelievable to watch that they not only done ballet but ice skating as well. I've loved ballet every since i was a little girl and it's always been a big dream of mine. But for some reason my mum never gave me the chance to do it. It's such a beautiful genre of dance and always had an effect on me. So peaceful and delicate to watch. Last year though i started lessons. It was really hard work but i loved it. However i had to stop because it was getting too much because of GCSE's and college :/ But i'm defiantly going to start up again soon. Going to see Swan Lake actually reminded me of how much i love ballet and i'm really determined to carry it out.
Walt Disney: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them".


Cute photography

These are some pictures i found which i love <3 I really adore the vintage photographs and they inpire me so much in my own photography :) x
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