Topshop Spendings...

I haven't been able to stop spending recently. My sister woke me up this morning to see if i wanted to go Topshop...this wasn't something i could possibly pass by. It's been a while since i've actually bought something in Topshop. And i wanted to buy the whole damn shop when i went today..everything was beautiful..and i literally mean beautiful. I go into some serious..amazed daze when i'm shopping haha. I brought a limited amount of money coz i knew near enough exactly what i wanted to buy...but that didnt go much to plan.
I bought quite a lot of neautral and nude clothes today which contrasts a lot from my items i bought yesterday. I like to have a versatile choice of clothes as theres never an ending to what you can create and show in different ways. I mostly dress to my mood and personality.
This netted/ crochet tassle top was in the Last Chance section..it was near enough calling out to me so i had to buy that. And again my big love for crochet and tassles at the moment was even more perfect.
The shorts i absolutely adore. I've spoke about them in my Topshop Most Wanted  post before. I never actually believed i'd get them :D I think they're soo cute, the pattern and the pastel colours are too die for! Both of the crochet tassle top and the shorts look perfect together. Great for a festival look.
My new pleated skirt i found last minute. I've been looking for one for ages but none of them seemed to meet my expectations. But this one was amazing. I really love the colour and the lenght, it was like it was made for me. :D
i bought this nude bandeau bra to go under the crochet tassle top but also it can go with anything. Usually i buy a lot of stuff that i know i will get wear out of it. Thats when you know its worth however much money. To top the whole day off... there was a 20% student discount..i couldn't have been happier.
Anyway i'm babbling now. i just get excited when i have new clothes :/
Taylor xoxo



 This is my new backpack my mum got for my birthday. I love it so much, it's soo cute. It's not very big but it has loads of compartments to put things in. I've been wanting a backpack for agess soo Hurrayyy.
 This is my new vintage skirt i got from Brick Lane. I love the long tassles which would just complete a look. I saw it and straight away i wanted it. I can't wait to wear it for a festival with a big sunhat :D

 This is a gorgeous vintage grampa jumper i purchased. I almost want it to be winter for a day so i can wear it out. It's quite thin though so i could wear it on a windy day :)

 These are my own John Lennon sunglasses :) soo cool

 This was the last one left on the stall. The reindeer is so cute :D

 My nan recently gave me these glasses. I haven't wore them yet but they are very vintage :D


Music is one of my biggest motivations

Music is one of my biggest motivations. It weakens the soul and opens your heart to express your deepest thoughts and feelings. How can a piece of motif fill your body and allow that sense of escape and tranquility? Just a soft beat of a song in harmony to the beat of your own heart. Just for a moment, a time where you can ravel yourself in the melody and drift away from reality. A moment where gravity rejects it's natural purpose and denies existence. Lifting you up... up.

Lately i've been listening to a lot of calm and tranquil music. I guess it kind of suits my mood as i've just finished all my exams, i'm stress free and i can relax. Usually i listened to a lot of rock, indie, pop, rnb, well anything really. But i've found that listening to this kind of music is so peaceful and serene. You start to connect with the music and become part of the melody, is that just me?. I just find music so inspiring and motivating.
I've been addicted to this song recently from watching Dear John. Makes my heart melt.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i do. Also check out "Little House" Amanda SeyFried. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Im_ZVNX1QZM&feature=related

It's Beautiful. If people have seen the film "Dear John" you'll fall in love straight away! :D
Taylor xoxo


Tell me why..?

Hey my lovelies. So here's some pictures of today's outfit. As you can see i'm already becoming addicted to my black sunhat. I love anything big and out there. I really like this outfit as it's a kind of tribal/cow-boy/ bo-ho or whatever you'd like to call it. I like to mix a lot of my styles together to make it more individual. I adore this tribal pattern crop top that i got for my birthday, it really adds character to the outfit. And my suede jacket is another favourite of mine as you can see from the fringing. I can't get enough at the moment.
 I'm wearing:
Black sunhat- Accessorize
Tribal pattern top- Topshop
Suede Jacket- Vintage
Jeans- My sister's :/
New Look
Heels- chockersshoes.co.uk


Before the storm..

If It Makes You Happy..

This is my beautiful black sunhat i've been waiting for..well.. ages!! My mum got it for my birthday :D You're going to see me it on my head all the time now that a heat wave is round the corner in England :D
I'm wearing:
- Accessorize
White blazer- Zara
White crouchet top- H&M
Chloe sunglasses
From ages ago..
Taylor xoxo
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