V- Festival

V-Festival was Ah-mazing!! Had a wicked weekend with everyone! And ya know what, camping wasn't so bad.. it was quite fun for something i've never done before. I wasn't too keen on the spiders everywhere though!
The bands were unreal... The atmosphere was crazyy... I defo need to book my tickets for next year.
Taylor xoxo


Breathe Me.

Hey you Bloggers!
Hope everyone's had a lovely day! I spent it with one of my best friends..who happens to be the amazing photographer for these photo's :)  Thank youu :D It's simple days like today that make life worthwhile. Make sure you spend each day with your close, loved ones :) You can't get any better than that :)
I'm wearing:
Crochet Dress-
TopshopLeather Jacket- TopshopTan Boots- TopshopTan Satchel- Spain, Vintage

Taylor xoxo
if you get the chance listen to "Breathe Me" By Sia. (Hence my title) It's one of the most beautiful songs! Very touching..and makes me cry everytime! xxx



Heyy Loveliess!
Thought i'd do a post on my holiday to Spain! Had such a wicked time! Sun.Sea. and Parrtayy! It was only a short holiday of 6 days.. went far too quick but what an amazing 6 days it was! I was just in time for the weekend Fiesta's/foam parties! They were insane! I wish i was still there so bad! :( Had a brilliant holiday with the boys but i missed my girls like hell!!
One of my favourite outfits i wore was the vintage tassle skirt. That skirt was one of a kind and i felt to lucky to have found it!
Hope everyone's having an amazing summer! Go crazy!
Taylor xoxo
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