MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope everyone is having a fanstastic day!

Apologies for my lack of updates this past month. It feels like forever since I last done a blog post, I've missed it so much. I've been so busy working everyday for the last 6 weeks so haven't had the chance to take pictures. I've literally been waking up to darkness and going home in darkenss. This christmas has been a lovely break to enjoy with family and friends. Christmas really is the time that make you realise the value of love, family and friendship. I'm so grateful for all that I have!

Now it's time to watch an endless list of christmas films and pig out on lots of chocolatey snacks.

My christmas outfit: Jacket- Mango/ Trousers- Zara/ Blouse- Rokit vintage store/ Heels- Oasis/ Clutch- Oasis

Taylor xo




We all face them days where you wake up and don't have anything to wear (yet your wardrobe is just bursting with clothes) In this situation I always turn to my leather leggings! They are a staple piece that you can combine with anything to chic up a casual outfit. I opted for this cream roll-neck jumper which is so warm that I only need my fur gillet on the top. I'm excited to wear my new heels from Zara! They're not too high where they are uncomfortable to walk but just right to add a bit of height to the look :)

Hope you like!
Taylor xo


Today's Outfit

Plenty of layers...again! My mum always told me thats the key to staying warm, and it totally is! I love how I can put this fur gillet over anything and it can tranform an outfit completely! To finish off , I added my key accessory: a leopard print belt! It complements today's colour palette of red, tan and black and also ties in my chunky oversized cardigan to give the look shape. My new zara bag fit in perfectly with today's pieces! :)


Two new purchases from Zara! Burgendy strap heels (£29.99) and Black crocodile print clutch! (£29.99) Very happy :D




I love having many layers to an outfit! It makes the composition of the look so much more exciting and put together! Today I had a blend of flowy chiffon, fur and a black straight blazer! It's so fun to experiment with different textures! The subtle/nuetral colours make the outfit very feminine and serene. Hope you like! :)
Taylor xo



Dress~ Zara/ Fur gillet cardigan~ Zara/ Blazer~ H&M


Lights out, Words gone

5th November- I'm so excited to be wearing my new Forever 21 jumper today! The jumper brings enough attention to itself so I kept it simple by accompanying it with a leather skirt and clutch! I've never seen a jumper quite like this before so I feel soo good wearing it!
I noticed that a lot of my looks have turned quite "vampy" recently. I'm loving black and leather.. Halloween really must have took affect to me! I cant believe in my previous look I'm wearing shorts with bare legs, the temperature has dropped rapidly! Tonight I think I'm going to watch the Christmas lights being turned on.. how exciting that christmas is approaching!!
Taylor xo



Forever 21-Hat- £6.65/Knit Top~ £16.95/V neck Tee~ £3.475/Leather Shorts~ £12.50/Sweater- £22.75

Today I went into Forever 21 on Oxford Street and was completely suprised at how much I loved their stuff! I've been in the store in New York and when it first opened here in London and wasn't a huge fan. But when I came across it this morning the window displays were very eye catching! I think I spent over an hour taking in all the clothes and dazzling accessories at all affordable prices! I bought this lime bobble hat for the winter to wear perhaps with an all black outfit to inject a splash of colour! You can never have too many plain white t-shirts to make up an effortless outfit! I absolutely LOVE this black sweater, the texture is so unbelievably soft! It's an obvious statement piece to any outfit, I can't wait to wear this especially now the temperature is dropping fast in London!
Taylor xo


Standing in the dark

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit today, injects a wave of colour compared to my last looks. I love the pearly detail on my cropped jumper, the lamb wool fabric makes it so soft and warm against my skin. I adore the colours in my shorts, green and purple tend to clash but works so well together in this design! Also I bought these metallic silver shoes from H&M a few weeks ago and haven't had the chance to wear them yet, I think they really compliment the colours! I feel like Tin Man wearing them hehe :)
Hope you like
Taylor xo

Today's Details

Sneak Peak at today's outfit. I love the vibrant colours :)


Taking Over Me

Thought I'd present to you guys another look with my oversized coat! Today I'm wearing yet another leather skirt (have a total of 3 now, but why stop?) and my lime/yellow backless top from Zara! I think a leather skirt is an essential key piece for every wardrobe! It's so simple to wear and can be for any occasion. I love this lime Zara top as the backless detail makes the look more sexier and feminine. The boyfriend blazer contrasts this with the strong tailoring and padded shoulders giving the outfit a masculine feel. I love the colours, the lime really brightens the grey and black!
Hope you like this look!
Taylor xo

Today's Details


Little preview of today's look, more pictures up tonight :)


Today's Outfit#Leather+Gothic

I couldn't be more happier wearing this outfit because I've finally found a leather pencil skirt! I've been on a hunt for what seems like forever for this skirt which ticks all the boxes! And here it is from Zara at £39.99. It fits like a glove yet comfortable with movement and has a gathered bit at the back to give a feminie twist on the leather edge. I joined it with a plain v-neck tee and my oversized boyfriend coat. The dark shadowy effect on pictures was completely accidental as it was getting dark outside and I forgot to change the setting on my camera. But I actually quite like the effect, gives the images a vamp inspired look to them! Looking back at my accessories with my black rings and earrings..it all looks quite gothic which couldn't be more appropriate for this month with Halloween just a week away! I absolutely love Halloween, however I've never properly celebrated it before! I'm gonna start this year though with a few parties lined up! Still contemplating on my outfit.
What do you think? What's everyone going as this year?
Taylor xo

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