STEPPING OUT OF THE 1920'S: This is my new polka dot dress I bought from Spitalfields market a couple weeks ago! I eventually got it down to £20 after getting £5 off :) It's all about haggling. I love the lenght of the dress, I've wanted one for a while to wear with some little boots. The 3/4 lenght, high neck and polka dot print really gives this dress a 1920's feel. Hope you likee!
Happy Fridayy! I'm be staying in tonight as I'm saving myself for tomorrow night. My friends birthday celebrations at Cafe De Paris, should be fuun!
What are your weekend plans?
Taylor xo



Couldn't wait any longer to wear my H&M gold jumper! I love the Metallic trend at the moment. It really makes a bold statement and can make any simple outfit come alive. But be careful how you wear it... otherwise you may end up looking like a tin man. Not a good look :/
Taylor xo

Heyy all!
Thought I'd put on some pictures of my "not so curly" hair. My best friend is training to be a hairdresser so she needs hair models to practice on. She done a simple blowdry adding some curls and movement at the bottom. I really love it, it makes a little change to constantly having big, curly frizzy hair!
What do you guys think?
Anyway today I had two nerve-racking interviews! One for Topshop and one for Ralph Lauren! I think they both went pretty well but now it's just the anticipation or hearing back from them. Fingers crossed all goes well! :)
Taylor xo



HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Hope everyone's enjoyed their day and spoilt your mums rotten! Today I went for a girly family afternoon tea in a place called The Wolseley's down West End. It was very fancy and posh inside, I loved it! The food was delicious..finger sandwiches along with scones and a selection of cakes. But most importantly I saw Jude Law in there! I think I must have been sitting there in awe! He's even more gorgeous in real life! Also while I was in there I saw Ralph Fiennes, Eddie Izzard and Katy Brand.. I guess it's the place to be for celebs! Damn the no photography policy! :( Definetely going there again!

Today I wore my pleated leather skirt which I bought on Saturday from H&M! I've wanted this skirt for so soo long but it's never had my size! I was in great luck, I'm so in love. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Take care. Taylor xo



SPEND SPEND SPEND. Helloo, Today I went to Westfields with my friend to do some unnecessary shopping! I bought: A sleeveless collared shirt (£12.99), gold metallic jumper which i think looks really cool (£9.99).. both from H&M. AND finallyy I've got my chiffon black skirt that I've wanted for so long now! Short at the front, long at the back.. from New Look (£22.99). Overall, very happy with my purchases.. but I really need to know when to stop buying. It's not healthy for my credit card :'(

TGIF.. Friday's are just the best excuse for going out, it's the end of another week! 2nd weekend staying in for me... I've figured out I'm either spending money on going out or spending it on clothes every weekend. Whichever way.. I'm not winning! :/
Hope everyone's having a good day! Taylor xo


Keep Your Head Up

Hey My Lovelies! Today was such a beautiful dayy, the sun was shining so bright..as you can see from how I'm squinting in all my pictures! Not a good look i'm sorry! Today i thought i'd take on the summer mood and wear this light, print kimono. I love the delicate pattern on it! My college is on a 3 day strike so i'm looking forward to enjoying more time in the sun.

I've actually just come home from going to see the Graham Norton show! (Hence the late post) It was so funny! Hugh Grant was on it along with David Guetta and he played Titanium! Soo good, think me and my friends were the only ones dancing along like we were at a rave... ALSO David Guetta casually waved at me and my friend...yeahh buddyy. Hopefully see him next time in the summer at V-Festival..(Become besties in no time) :D

Taylor xo



What a beautiful start to the week, the weather has been so lovely in London! It puts a big smile on my face the minute I wake up to all through the day. It makes college almost bearable in the sunshine! I officially can't wait for the summer! Holiday's and music festivals, there's just everything to be excited for! Hope everyone's enjoying the gorgeous weather as much as i am!

Today I wore this beige blazer from Miss Selfridge, I love the leather detailing on the sleeves and collar! I teamed it with a Topshop lace top over my grandads shirt and wet look leggings. I accessorised it by tying a piece of ribbon around the collar into a bow. It's fun to do this with any shirts or even collared dresses to change up your outfit. Minor details go a long way!

Taylor xo


YOU CAN NEVER WEAR TOO MUCH BLACK: How's everyone's day been? Woke up to bright sunshine in London so my sister, her boyfriend and i decided to take a trip down to Brick Lane and Spitalfields market! Vintage stores, food and drinks! Couldn't think of anything better to start the weekend! I've never worn so much black before but i strangely really like it! I think it's very smart and chic! I actually wore a bright blue blazer over the top to bring a pop of colour! I'll post the pictures up sometime this week!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Taylor xo



As you can see from my last two posts i'm quite obssessed with wearing scarfs at the moment! They're just so warm and cosy! Very snug :) Hope everyone's had a nice day! Friday tomorrow :)
Taylor xoxo

Lana Del Rey- DIET MTN DEW



BOLD, BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL- Hello my lovely bloggers! Hope everyone's having a good week! I actually can't believe it's March already, this year has flown by! Today i've gone for quite a simple/chic look. The red scarf just screams brightness and on this dull London's day you need to make a bold statement... I think the scarf makes the whole outfit! <3
Hope you like! :) Taylor xo
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