Navy Fur Coat- Zara
Knitted Jumper- Urban Outfitters
Shirt- H&M
Trousers- Zara
Boots- Zara
Bag- Topshop
Hope everyone's had a lovely day!
Taylor xo



Fur Coat- River Island

Hey all! The weather is still miserable, makes me want to stay inside! I'd be happy snuggling under the covers watching movies when its doom and gloom outside! This is my outfit I wore to college, a lot of people asked if I was cold wearing shorts...they'd be suprised by how much a fur coat can keep you warm!
Big deadline this week so better get cracking on some work! Hope everyone has a lovely week!
Taylor xo



Hello Fellow Bloggers.
Sorry I haven't been posting a lot. I'm back to college which only means one thing. Stressful work deadlines. I have no motivation what so ever and I have a photography deadline next week and textiles the week after. My mind just isn't in the state of working. Next week's going to be a crazy panic, but hopefully I'll get it all done. The weather has been absolutely disgusting in London, rain, thunder and lightening. It's freezing too so my summer wardrobe will have to wait just a little longer.
It's my day off from college so I stayed in and watched movies (when I should have been doing work..help) I decided on some leather shorts, this blue cashmere top decorated with pearls.. which I haven't worn properly in so long! And a black fitted structured blazer. Lucky I was only taking pictures in this and not going out otherwise I would have been frozen. Gonna get some work done now. Good luck to everyone else and their revision/coursework! :D Hope everyone's week's going well! It's friday tomorrow hurrayy!
Taylor xo



Thought I'd jazz up my nails a bit and try out Galaxy nails. I got this amazing method from Fashion-Fade http://fashion-fade.blogspot.co.uk/. Check out her tutorial on her blog, so simple and makes a great effect. It's my first attempt so it's a little messy (Hers look wayy better) tehehe :D
Taylor xo



We've actually had crazy weather today, hours of sunshine ruined by some hailstones and thunder. Typical London. Its still a bit chilly so I've worn this grey oversized wolly cardigan. I love it, its so snug. Also, I've finally found a pair of black jeans that fit me properly. (y) Hope you're all having a lovely week :D
Loving this song at the moment.
Fun- We are young.
Taylor xo


My sister got given these gorgeous shoes at her work by Raphael Young. I absolutely adore the blue soles. I've been wanting a pair of black pointy heels for soo long. BUT. They're a size 7! So they're a little big :( Sadlyy my sister is going to sell them on Ebay. Goodbye beautiful shoes..
GOOD NEWS for you guys is if any of you are interested in these babies please say so and they could be yours. They're not up on Ebay yet but when they are I'll give you all the details. Here's just a little taster :D


Hey I Heard You Were A Wild One.

Thought I'd take a risk and clash colours. I decided towards more warm colours for a more subtle approach to block colours. What do you guys think? Hit or Miss?

 One of my friends 18th was fancy dress. Tinkerbell Taylor  xD

Heyy Guyss! Sorry I haven't had the chance to go out and take some outfit pictures. Work has taken up a lot of my time lately. Is it crazy to say that I might, just maybe love work? (Not for long though I'm sure) This yucky weather is so depressing, it's been a duvet day for me and my sister! I watched "The Way We Were" for the first time, such a beautiful film. I'm actually in love with Robert Redford. Also I watched Phantom Of The Opera 25th Anniversary at Royal Albert Hall. I've seen the play twice already, waiting on the 3rd. But hey, I watched the play in my own home on tv woohoo! I really recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it, best theatre production ever!
Anyway I'll stop waffling on..
I've been thinking about how fast this year has gone by already! Feels so surreal that we're in April! I thought I'd do a quick post on a series of pics of my year so far. I'm no party animal.. I swear.

Taylor xo



HAPPY EASTER HOLIDAY! Sorry I haven't posted for a while guys, been super busy! I still see all your lovely comments though, thank you so much! Guess what! I got my job at Ralph Lauren Rugby! I'm thrilled! I had my first day yesterday, at first I was a bit all over the place but you get used to it and I really like it so far! Everyone that works there is so lovely, helpful and very easy to get along with. I can't believe I actually have a job, never thought this day would come. I'm a working girl now! It's Easter half term now for 2 weeks. So hopefully I'll be able to post more when I'm not working!

Today's outfit is pretty laid back and has a masculine approach to it. I'm wearing my brother's levis, doubling denim with a black jumper and blazer on top. I had to add some classic black heels to chic up my outfit. I accessorised it with my leopard envelope clutch to make a bold statement <3

Hope everyone has an amazing week!
Taylor xo
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