1. Black and white dress from AX- Paris- I wouldn't usually go for a dress this style but there was something about the simplicity that made it look really chic and sophistcated. I love the black detailing on the front too.
2. I've finally bought my cross earrings from Topshop :D yayy
3. I bought these gorgeous white chiffon trousers from Zara to wear in Vegas. The colour white has been a soft spot for me recently, it just looks so classy and makes a classic statement. These trousers feel so soft against your skin, perfect for a warm evening. They'd go lovely with a white top  and tan heels :)
4. I also bought this mint blue/green peplum top from Zara to wear in Vegas. I've needed a mint garment to fill my wardrobe for quite some time and this peplum studded top won me over. The studs add a great edge to the flared top.

What do you think of my new pieces?
Taylor xo



Hey everyone! Thought I'd show you all this gorgeous yellow peplum dress I received from A-X Paris. Peplum style dresses are a massive trend at the moment and at only £30 it makes a perfect evening dress. This style suits any body shape and is very flattering on petite, slim girls as the peplum style adds shape and curves to your figure enhancing your waist area. It fits me like a glove and is so comfortable to wear. It's completely coincedential that I've been wearing bright yellow in both my recent posts but what can I say I do love a bright colour to stand out in the summer.
If you haven't already have a browse on ax-paris website http://www.axparis.co.uk/ They have an amazing new summer collection!
Taylor xo



Hey Beautiful People! I'm in such a great mood, the sun's shining and it's friday! I've had an amazing day out chilling with friends, sunbathing and eating icecream.. who wouldn't be in a great mood. I think I've got a little bit of a tan today...does it look like it? (Even if it doesn't, just lie to me ha) I know for sure I've got burnt on my nose as my freckles have appeared again.. xD
So it's the first time wearing my bright yellow backless Zara top and heels! I adoree them both! Such a good combo. Yes it was too hot to be wearing a jacket but it did get really windy so I'm glad I had it with me.
Plus it added a cool edge to my outfit :D
Hope everyone's had a lovely week and go crazy for the weekend. I'm working all weekend and missing out on this gorgeous weather :'( Not looking forward to it at all.
Taylor xo


Photo Diary 1

Hey all! I've decided I'm going to do posts on random photographs I take within the month.. So it'll be like a photo diary! So here's my first photo montage..It's been a crazy and memorable month!! :)
1. Me
2. Dusting off my guitar, been so long since I played..
3. Pub Fish and Chips in the sun!
4. Mahiki club for my 18th birthday celebration with the Rugby crew.. Photo booth :)
5. Out with the boys for Alwyns birthday!
6. My final textiles piece of the Eiffel Tower.. turned out better than I expected.
7. Finally 18!!!
8. Mahiki and my superhero dress!
9. My work uniform for Rugby..Don't H8
10. Zante is approaching so fast!! Can't wait to get away with the girls!
11. In my birthday dress to Parddy in GLAM
12. Mahiki treasure chest
13. Sparklesss
14. Swinggg
15. Mine and Erins new signature pose
16. 18 Birthday cake.. chocolate dreamm...

You can also follow me on instagram @tinkytay
Have a lovely week guys!

Taylor xo




SUMMERTIME is officially here in London Town. It's going to be 24-26 degrees over the next few days, you can imagine how excited we get considering we hardly get any sunshine. In this heat I had to get my legs out and wear these floral shorts I bought from Topshop last year. I love the subtle pastel colours, seems like this trend has been on going through out the year! I teamed it with a top my auntie gave me and my new white Zara jacket from my birthday! It's always good to wear light colours when its hot to keep feeling cool and fresh. Try and avoid black as it just attracts and absorbs heat. I also went out and bought this very cool mint blue nail varnish from Barry M. I've really been into different nail colours lately, experimenting with various styles. I accessorised my outfit with my new tan tote bag and tan heels :) What do you think?
So today I went to a pub near my college to have a drink with friends (being 18 now I'm able too, feels amazing). I then came home to go to another pub to have yummy fish and chips. Pubs are the best when the weathers beaut, great social environment!
Hope everyone's enjoying their week and taking full advantage of the sun! I'm having my doubts that it's not going to stick around for long..
Taylor xo


Birthday Gifts..

1. Heels Zara/ 2.Open back top Zara/  3.Tan Tote Bag Ebay/ 4. Printed flared trouser Topshop/  5.Vest Topshop/  6.White Jacket Zara/  7.Bag Versace/  8.Watch Michael Kors/ 9.Charm Bracelet Nans Bracelet
Hello everyone!! Thought I'd do a quick post on a few of my birthday gifts I received! I'm so grateful for everything I got! I absolutely love my nan's gold charm bracelet she gave me, it means so much! I had such a lovely 18th birthday, my friends and family made it the most special day, full of smiles and laughter! For the evening they took me to the theatre to see Wizard of Oz, the whole production was so amazing! Always enjoy a night out to the theatre! :)
Taylor xo


Today's Outfit

Floral Pants Primark £10/ Top Zara/ Blazer H&M/ Heels AX-Paris/ Necklace Forever 21
Here's my outfit I put together around the floral pants. I decided to cut the outfit in half by wearing black garments on top so it doesn't look too much against the burst of vibrant colour. I love the hint of colour from the turquoise necklace which links in with the trousers. The weather was beautiful today so I thought why not bring summer to college. I hope the sunshine sticks around for my birthday. These trousers are so comfortable and light, I may just go back and splurge on all their other patterns and colours... Tempting.
Taylor xo


FLORAL PANTS- I know I shouldn't be going out buying things before my birthday but when I saw these floral trousers in a magazine I had to dash straight away to Oxford Street. They were only £10 from Primark :O I would have asked for them for my birthday but my Mum didn't like them..which means, what she doesn't like I can't have. But also you know when you want something so bad you're in that crazy state of mind that you actually NEED to buy them straight away, yep exhibit A. Originally I saw similiar floral trousers with a matching blazer but when I got to Primark they didn't have my size and all the blazers were sold out, but luckily I actually prefered the colours and print of these trousers. I love the bright floral print, it's perfect for my summer wardrobe. They'd be perfect to wear with my AX Paris heels and a turquoise necklace. :)
Taylor xo


Birthday Wishlist..

18th Birthday- I can't contain my excitement for my birthday next week. Here's my own birthday wishlist of things I really would like. My mum asked me about a birthday keepsake that I would want and I thought a nice watch would be perfect. I've never been much of a watch person but my previous watch broke and it's until then that you realise how much you depend on it. Aqua has an amazing sale on dresses and I literally want them all. I love the edgey structure of each of them, very bold and the dress is enough to make a statement look. I think everyone is falling to there knees when they see the black basic sandal Zara heels. I've wanted these for so so longg, hopefully I get these babies..fingers crossed. I really love alluminous yellow at the moment, would be perfect to wear with an all black look.

Birthday plans so far consist of a crazyy weekend of celebrations. Since my birthday is on a tuesday (the worst day of the week) I'm going out with all my friends on the friday and saturday.Can't wait to put my best dress on and paint the town red..

Taylor xo



Hey Everyone! Today's my day off so thought I'd do an outfit post. I only have to go into college now for one lesson as I've finished Textiles and Photography yippee! Summers just that step closer. I've gone for a neutral look today, I love all the beiges and camel colours blended together. I contrasted it with a denim shirt to break up the subtle colours. It's still quite cold out so layers are still needed. I'm not brave enough to go bare legged just yet but seeing as I was only taking pictures I made the exception.
I can't wait to go on holiday and top up my tan.. pale legs is not a good look :( It's exactly 1 month until I go to Vegas with my family! Can't wait, the countdown begins. Also, my birthday is in just two weeks. I'll be finally 18! Can't wait to spend it with my family and friends. Will be doing a birthday wishlist post sometime this week.

Hope everyone has a nice week! Friday tomorrow :)
Taylor xo
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