Feeling Blue..

 I'M BACK- I apologise for my absence everyone! I've been on holiday and working a lot and have had no time to update my blog! My holiday in Zante was amazing, mid 40 degree weather everyday was a dreamm! I missed it so much coming back to miserable London..luckily we've been having beautiful sunny days this week except today..there's only so much you can ask for with Britsh weather! I took advantage of the sunshine and went to Brighton with some girl-friends which was lovely.. I'll post a picture collage soon!
My holiday's doesn't stop there.. I'm going to my villa in Spain next week for 6 days for the fiesta's..can't wait! Hoping to build my tan even more.
So today's outfit has quite a masculine approch to it with the tailoring of the shirt and blazer. I love the suit look inspired by fashionista's like Alexa Chung and Elizabeth Olsen. I opted for some scalloped shorts to add a feminine twist to the look. I quite like the two shades of blue, it's different than going for the matching suit trend. I'm wearing this outfit tonight for a party in London Zoo.. strange I know.. I've always been a party animal.
Hope you like
Taylor xo


Day In Chelsea

CHELSEA- Today me and my friend decided to take a trip into Chelsea to catch up and do a bit of shopping. We went for a gorgeous lunch sharing a lasange and pesto pasta between us before guiltily endulging in some cheesecake for afters :D The weather wasn't the best but we still had a great day!
Todays outfit consisted of White jeans, Mint blouse-Zara/Blazer-H&M/Heels-Zara/ Sunhat-H&M
Hope you like!
Taylor xo


You see right through me..

Hey Lovlies, this is today's outfit. I couldn't wait any longer to wear my sheer black dress from Zara so I experimented with the different lenghts by matching it with my beige pleated topshop skirt. I think it goes really nicely! I know I look pretty exposed with the sheerness of the dress but I really do love the detail of the bra to the outfit. I accessorised with a thin black gold belt and my Nan's gold coral necklace for a splash of colour. I noticed I haven't worn my black trilby in so long so that had to make a comeback in my outfit. I teamed it with my leopard envelope clutch, a statement piece.
What do you think?

Hope everyone's had a lovely weekend. I'm so tired from working ergh.
Taylor xo
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