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Here are a few snaps of previous outfits that I haven't had the chance to upload recently. This is the kind of thing I'd wear for everday apparel. Leather trousers and a denim shirt are my "Go-to" when I'm in a rush or struggling for something to wear.

Taylor x


Casual Check

Checked Shirt- Rugby Ralph Lauren
Looped Cardigan- ASOS
Black Jeans- Rugby Ralph Lauren
Ox-Blood Heels- Zara
Gold Plated Necklace- Mango
Crocodile black bag - Zara
It's fun to mix different prints and textures together. It makes simple everyday apparel like a checked shirt that little bit more special to wear. This grey and black looped cardigan from ASOS is one of my favourite pieces you will find in my wardobe. It's easy to style and gives that extra "umph" to an outfit. Hugging my neck is my beautiful gold plate necklace from Mango, I can always rely on this to add elegance and chic up any look.


Juicy Mango

I think it's become clear as day on my lust for anything Mango! I'm a sucker for a boucle jacket; a much needed staple piece that you can dress for any occasion. Accompanied by a simple LBD, or thrown on with a pair jeans to smarten a look; these jackets are sure to do all the talking. Some boucle jackets have matching shorts, therefore you already have an effortless outfit that takes no strain to put together. Cat-shaped sunglasses are my next favourite accessory and really bring out facial features. They're next on my shopping list :)

Taylor x


There's a possibility

Boucle Jacket- Mango
Black embellished jumper- Rokit/ Vintage
White Silk Shorts- Rugby Ralph Lauren
Red Suede Bag- Mango
Black Knee Boots- Next

There's a lot of Mango in today's outfit, it's become one of my favourite stores with it's modern sophistication at such affordable prices! I love having a mix of designer, high-street and vintage in my outfits to bring character and create versitility. I was leaving my Ralph Lauren Silk shorts for the hot summer days to come but the anticipation of still having new unworn clothes in my wardrobe was unbearable!
I thought I'd present some pictures of the snow we've had in London. It was constantly falling yesterday settling to a good 6 inches. I went out with friends in the evening for a bit fun in the snow making frosty snowmen and having snowfights. All very fun but still below freezing!! Brrrr...
Winter Tip: A Hat, Scarf and Gloves really go a long way in keeping warm in this weather. Especially gloves, my Nan passed me down these gorgeous leather gloves with fur inside.. perfect for stopping my fingers going numb and dropping off!

Taylor x


You got me rising high

It's finally getting colder in London and predicted snow next week! It feels like we skipped winter as a season completely around christmas break with the mild weather we've been having. I'm quite fed up with dull and rainy afternoons and am now longing for bright summer mornings. I'm very excited for summer this year, already have a couple holidays planned :)

My white dress which is hiding underneath my coat is from Zara last year. It's a fresh summer dress with pretty stud detailing around the neckline and down the back. I accessorised this outift with a green silk patterned scarf and my black trilby. I recently just bought these black suede heel boots. They are perfect for wearing with jeans and tights because of the high ankle cut. These must be the tallest heels I own with their super 2.5 inch platform. I fear the day I have a little stumble in them and fall to what would seem a mile to the ground! But other than that, aren't they pretty :D
Hope everyone's had a great day!
Taylor xo




Denim shirt- Topshop/ Poncho-Asos/ Faux Leather Brown Trousers- H&M/ Shoe Boots- Mango/ Bag- Louis Vuitton

Happy New Year Everyone!
I hope everyone has a fabulous year ahead! Make sure you make everyday count!
Big thank you to all my followers for your support this year! I really appreciate all your comments :)
Much Love Taylor xo
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