birthday gifts

I been wanting a tan leather jacket for a long time. While your black leather jacket is always your go-to, this tan jacket isn't as heavy to the overall look for the summer season. I love the rustic feel you get from it.

Zara is doing some great colour blending at the moment. Love the blue against the yellow

Love a bit of polka-dot. Anything to take me back to the 50's.

This will be such a sweet day dress. Perfect with a bit of red lipstick.

I love biker boots, they're so casual and easy to wear with jeans. However, I'm looking forward to wearing them with little summer dresses this summer :D The multiple straps are great!

I've been spending so much these past couple of months so this is my new strategy. Any loose change gone astray goes in the tin. 

I instantly feel in love with the pattern and shape of this dress. Excited to wear it.

Floaty, loose and a great colour. The ideal summer dress

So grateful for all my lovely gifts.
What do you think?
Tay x


So my birthday has come around again. This year has gone by so quickly that I haven't stopped to think about myself turning 20. I've been looking at a few options for Birthday Outfits and have annoyingly come across nada. I'm not looking for anything fancy or spectacular, just something nice. I quite like this paisley print maxi from Mango. Anything with a bit of print and colour is totally me.

What do you think?

Taylor x


Tie A Belt Into A Bow


So here is a nice little tip to jazz up your belt. You'll need to find quite a long belt to do this.
I find it annoying when the end of the belt hangs down after its gone through the loop hole. So this little trick solves that simply. It's a cute way of decorating any look.

Taylor x

shirt dress

I had a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment with this shirt dress today. The wind picked up and so did the whole of my dress <hand over face>  I think I'll wear it with some white jeans next time.

Shirt Dress- H&M ( Find here )
Watch - Michael Kors ( Find here )
Sandals- Zara
Sunglasses- Topshop


barcelona babe


Barcelona for my Sister's Hen was so much fun with the girls. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't been yet. We felt like the Sex And The City of Barcelona. We were all suffering immensely after we got home. I feel I deserve another holiday already.
This outfit is my favourite from our Barcelona trip. I love the shape, colour and print. Everything you want in a dress to make a statement.

Dress- Asos ( Find here )
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