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1 Skirt 3 Ways -H&M's trend collection has been amazing recently. I came across this perfect matching midi skirt and peplum top in a great replica of toile print. Toile is one of my favourite patterns, it's extremely feminine and elegant. I love the old fashioned feel along with that hint of french style. And yes, you could also say it's like wearing your grandma's curtains.
 In this post I will show you 3 ways to wear this skirt to achieve different looks.
Which is your fav?
Tay x

  Skirt- H&M (find here ) Top- H&M (find here)  Heels- Zara

Café Brunch

 Shirt- Topshop/ Shoes- Zara
Day Out

 Shirt- H&M ( similar here ) Shoes- Zara 



Scarf - H&M Find here | Jacket- H&M | Crop Top- Zara Similar here | Sandals- Zara |Trousers- Ralph Lauren | Bag- Kate Spade

This spotted scarf and striped jacket make a great little duo, I can never wear one without the other, they compliment each other so well. It's so easy and effective to clash prints like this. The trick is to stay within the same colour scheme and style.

Tay x


Kate Spade


I really didn't know what to expect when I entered the Kate Spade Sample Sale. All I can say is I lost my friend for about 30 minutes while we were diving into the beautiful bags and purses and spectacular shoes. An hour lunch break just wasn't enough with all they had to offer. Here are a few items I purchased at the sample sale. What struck me were the exquisite vibrant colours. Especially the zip leather purses, I almost don't want to keep them hidden away in my handbag. I bought the coral little handbag along with the purse as everyone needs a nice matching set. The signature Kate Spade bow is such a cute detail. I'm so glad I went along as it introduced me to a brand that I didn't know I loved!

Do you have a favourite?

Check out the Kate Spade site!

Tay xo
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