Skirt- Zara (find here) Dress- Zara (old) Heels- Zara (old)

So I originally bought this crochet sheer dress to wear on the beach. I was making the illogical decision of buying it in September knowing full well I would not be seeing the sun, sea and sand any time soon... and I was definitely not waiting around until next summer.
Therefore, I decided to use my dress as top. You should never be too restricted when it comes to how you can wear your clothes. Especially with dresses! A dress is all in one, easy and effortless, but it can be so much more. I used to always wear my dresses, well, exactly how you see them, as a dress. But its fun to experiment and turn your dress into a skirt just by simply belting in a top over the top, Or, if you love the top of a dress, add a skirt and you can achieve a completely different look.

I love the juxtaposition in today's look, the cream sheer dress offers a feminine contrast to the hard leather skirt.

T a y  x

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