Greece/ Kefalonia

Bikini- H&M ( top here / bottoms here

Dress- Asos (similar here and here )

I've felt like such a travel bug recently hopping from country to country and I still have a few more places lined up for the summer which I am really excited about :D Last week I spent the week on a gorgeous Greek island Kefalonia with my boyfriend and his family where they lived for 3 years. It was just what we needed, a week of sun, sea and sand. Pure relaxation.
If you have seen the film Captain Corelli's Mandolin, you will know that Kefalonia holds a lot of history from the Second World War. So as we drove around the island through the forever winding mountains it was really interesting to see the places where the historical events between the Greeks, Italians, and the Germans took place.
One thing I loved about the island is that it's unspoiled. The roads, buildings and homes are completely untouched, giving the island an unchangeable character. The beaches are stunning, totally natural and with crystal clear water reflecting ever shade of blue.
We had a lot of fun in the short week we were out there for. We did kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, all surrounded with great company, tasty food and blissful weather.
Not a single part of me wanted to leave so it was sad when we had to say goodbye to the beautiful island but we'll be back again for sure.

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