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Well it's about time I bought myself some jeans. I've never been much of a jean person... and now I know why... I've never owned a pair of jeans that actually fit me perfectly like these Frame Denims

Last week I helped out at the Frame Denim sample sale, it was great fun, although, I wouldn't say the same for my bank account. I wasn't at all interested in these numerous styles of denims; boyfriend, skinny, ripped, flare. I mean how many different styles do you need. But then I tried on a pair... and without thinking, ended up buying 6. Whoops.
Above are some of my favourite buys.
1. I'm so in love with these flares, they fit like a glove and the proportions are cut perfectly.
2. I haven't had a good pair of white jeans in a long time, I especially love these with the cool panelling and frayed seams down the leg. White jeans are always a must for the summer. 
3.My 3rd pair of denims are great for every occasion. Although they have 1 rip at the knee, I still like that they are quite subtle and not shredded all over.

Now I can finally understand why girls feel so good in their jeans :)

Check out Frame Denim HERE

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