pretty little bows

Could we all just divert our attention and make our way down to what is on my feet. Yes, the most beautiful shoes I have seen recently. I am soo in love my new heels from ASOS, the clashing of colours, the cross-over straps and the cutest little bows on the back. I adore anything colourful so when I come across these I just had to purchase them immediately. For those of who you are a little afraid of colour, and want something more classic, it's your lucky day because they also do them in black HERE !! I might have to add them too my basket... :)

Shoes- ASOS (Find Here ) 
Dress- Zara (old) 
Clutch - Accessorize ( Similar Here )

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wishful mondays

I can think of one place I'd would rather be on Monday...

What I Wore: 
Cover up- Asos (Find Here)
Bikini- H&M ( Similar Top / Bottoms )
Sunglasses - Prada (Find Here)

Pictures taken by Carly Gymer - Check out her photography page here

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Sun Down in Greece

On a Sunday night in Greece whilst getting ready, the sun was setting low in the sky and it cast the most beautiful colours and shapes across the horizon. I couldn't pass up this picture opportunity so I set off (in my pyjama's) on my own with my camera to explore the grounds and found the most incredible setting to watch the sun go down. I thank whoever positioned the bench in that spot, they too were obviously aware of the breath-taking view that occurred every single evening there. From then on, I kept noticing in different places, a random bench would just sit. (Also like in my previous post) You can just stop for a second and really appreciate the spectacular views. Very romantic. I love that. 

I made sure to make it back there every evening to watch the sun down... 

I wore: Dress- ASOS ( Find Here ) Now in the SALE!
Clutch - Zara


Chalkidiki : Greece Part 2

Byzantine tower, Nea Fokea

In my pictures I really wanted to capture Chalkidiki and how unspoiled it is; very much like Kefalonia when I went in the summer. It holds a lot of authenticity and character which is what I love. Outside of our resort, everything is very natural, nothing has been knocked down and developed onto to attract visitors and tourists. While it is all very nice to sit down in a new built glamorous location looking out onto a picturesque view, it is still really interesting to take yourself away from all of that and see these untouched places to wonder and learn about the history and experience the real Greek lifestyle. 

On a day that it was overcast, we dragged ourselves away from the pool and decided to do a bit of sight seeing and visited the Byzantine Tower.

 I wore: Jumpsuit- ASOS ( Find here - Now in the SALE)
Bag - Accessorize ( Similar here ) 
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