Into the woods

How stunning is this place? And to be quite honest... the pictures don't half do it any justice. We visited Stowe in Buckinghamshire on the most perfect day. The scale and beauty of this place is just spectacular, everywhere you look is a picture- perfect moment. I didn't take finger off the shutter button the whole time I was there. Some of the views literally took my breath away as I stared out across the lake to a flourish of trees bursting with autumn colours and the sun painting everything that it touched golden. It left me dumbfounded when I realised that I could have been in a museum staring up at a painting rather than actually standing there witnessing the whole thing. It seemed too beautiful to be real. 
The winding paths, romantic walk-way bridges, enchanted forests, and not to mention the midnight lakes which were so still they reflect the landscape like it was a mirror. 
A majestic beauty.

I wore: 
Jacket- Zara ( Find HERE )
Jumper dress - H&M ( 
Boots - Zara ( Find HERE ) Also got in this colour too (Find HERE ) 
Bag - Givenchy
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