What is it about the sun that makes everyone so damn happy? That puts a spring in your step when your walking from A to B ( or even to work), that makes the stranger in the street smile at you when you walk past. That gets everyone all together, whether it's relaxing in the park or socialising in a cute English Pub Garden.
I don't know about you, but after just one weekend filled with brilliant sunshine, I've never felt more elated or better yet...inspired. Within just this weekend I've produced an endless list of everything I want to do:

-Start up my driving lessons again

-Sort the hell out of my blog

-Finish the book I started 3 months ago (which is painfully dragging on - but then again I guess it would do only reading 2 pages a night before I pass out to sleep)  Ha, so wait... In that case better add this to the list...
-Sleep less/ or cut out my naps. Do you realise that we sleep for half of our lives...HALF. That's not counting the lazy Sundays where we treat ourselves to a lie in, or when we're dying from a hangover from the night before. Anyway my topic wasn't suppose to steer off on our guilty sleeping patterns.
-Hang out in London because it seems a pretty cool place, heard it's one of the best apparently. I want to learn more about my city!!! Dine out at amazing restaurants, discover cool little dingy bars, chill out in the many beautiful parks, fly a kite (which really is up there on my to-do list)

This sudden realisation occurred to me after the past year I've found myself become tired, unenergised and in all honestly somewhat lazy. Turns out my body is low in B12 and I have to have stupid injections to fight my fatigue. But that's another story I probably will not ever tell you about. However after being exposed with a few days of sunlight, I'm thinking well, maybe it's not this B12 I'm lacking in, maybe it's Vitamin D! I feel alive, and I feel inspired.

(Back to the list)

I want to start working out, get that so called beach- body everyone keeps going on about.
I want to continue learning Spanish
Begin dance lessons
Learn how to cook

Now I know this sounds very unrealistic to achieve working a 5 day a week job, seeing family and friends, squeeze in some me time. It's worked up a challenge already.  And I know people who know me are like yeah yeah Taylor, and I know myself.  I am someone who wants to do absolutely EVERYTHING I can set my hands on, I'm a YES girl. I want to do everything there is possible in life so I can experience and get the most out of life. But see, that's not always good, because I'll say yes to everything until I find that something else to get excited/distracted about, where I'll then get lost in what I'm doing and give up. And it kind of goes around like that in a circle.

 This year, I really want to find a way to stay motivated in something, at least starting with one of things from my list. So I can have a whole summer to feel healthy, feel excited, energised, and more importantly...inspired.

And if all else fails.. well then I guess I'll have to move to California where it's just sunny all the time.


  1. Hey taylor! this is Iliana form Greece and i felt like this post was written by me. it has all my latest thoughts about life. The last year i i feel unenergized, i prefer staying inside and doing nothing more than going to uni and then back home. i try to make myself go out with my firends but for some reason i feel tired and i have no passion doing anything. I honestly have no idea what to do... I am only 21 and i feel like i am losing my most productive years. this is really sad and i hope i can deal with it. Moreover, i loved your bucketlist. i wish you can achieve most of them! Last but not least i love your blog and i hope i can see more here! kisses Taylor

    1. Hi lliana,
      I am really touched by your comment. Thank you so much. You might have the same thing I have, be good to get it checked out. But don't let it beat you, even though you don't feel like it, still go out with friends and push yourself to do something because it will make you feel better. Start believing that you can feel more healthier and you will be. Even start a bucket list like i have and see how far you get. Good luck to you! Thank you for your lovely words :)
      Taylor X


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