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The last day as a student is nigh...The last ever event that you'll be attending at your university. All those hard days of work have finally paid off, so you want to look pretty damn good and leave with a bang alongside your friends and family right?
A few people have asked for my advice about Graduation dresses and I know the struggle you guys have to go to find the perfect dress. There's so many factors you have to consider; the right length, nothing to flared that's going to make you look ginormous under your gown, something classic but not too boring...
Above are a selection of affordable dresses (I know student finances are harsh out there, hang in there, it's nearly over) that are classic - but with a twist. I chose these dresses as they are smart yet fun and youthful. I kept in mind the gowns being dark and heavy, so I tried to inject colour with some interesting fabrics, textures and shapes to brighten up the look.
I hope you like!
T a y  x  

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