My Sunday stroll took place in Little Venice in London. I have been waiting and waiting to visit and as the sun sat in the sky that afternoon I dragged myself and my boyfriend out of bed to walk along the canals and catch some breakfast. We found a little café on a boat that served simple sandwiches/Panini's and hot food from full English breakfast to jacket potatoes...Just what we needed after a rather late night out, and we were feeling some-what fragile.
This location is so pretty on a Spring/Summers day. Everyone had the same idea too, riding their bike along the canals and families enjoying an afternoon overlooking the river. I loved taking a slow walk along the edge of the water thinking about which boats I'd choose if I had to pick which one to live in. They are so adorable. It would be such an adventure to have a house constantly on the move. To wake up to a new view every-day. A girl can dream. 
I have yet to go to the real Sinking City -Venice, that is next on my list (fingers crossed) Or actually just Italy in general. I know how much I'd love it, the food, the culture, architecture. So until then, this place will just have to do until I go to Venice.

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